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Pianos For Sale       
Currently available : 

Danemann Grand                           £7 500 
Grotrian Steinweg   Upright         £4400
Kirkmann Antique  Grand            £1800                                               Click centre of picture to expand. 
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Danemann Grand

Including delivery and tuning.

An excellent example of Danemann Grand. (2.04m)

One of the best British manufacturers. Known for having a  warm tone and well balanced action.

Regularly tuned and serviced by me.
In excellent condition. 
Fully restored by the "Edinburgh Piano Co." about 10 years ago.

Being sold by customer in Edinburgh.

Contact me to arrange viewing.


Yamaha GA1 Baby 

Grand  £6000


Being sold by customer.
Circa 2000   
Like a new piano.
This piano is in excellent condition.

It was bought as a gift and        hasn't been played.

Contact me to arrange viewing.
J Houston  07970 825681


Kirkmann Grand

£1800      Circa 1855-1870

Inc. delivery and tuning.


A very rare example of a Kirkmann

Grand with a walnut case.

In original excellent condition.

I have maintained the instrument for

at least 10 years.

Click on picture to see full image.

Morton Gould



Circa 1970

Being sold directly by St. Georges School in Edinburgh.




Mr P Thomson

07788 613371

0131 311 8075




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